Topping Rose House

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This past weekend the Hubs and I headed out to the Hamptons for a little summer kick off...except it was 40 degrees and basically snowing. Some summer, huh?

Instead of calling it a loss I decided it was a great idea to drag him around to all of the fabulous stores, restaurants and hotels I had been reading about all off season!
 [he was of course, thrilled]

So here starts Hamptons Week - where I'll be sharing with you some serious Hamptons fabulousness...

First, I introduce you to Topping Rose House - originally constructed in 1842, Topping Rose House is a full-service inn located in Bridgehampton.  The inn is home to 22 guest rooms, and a restaurant from chef/superstar Tom Colicchio.

While the restaurant is, of course, bomb...the interiors are what really made me drool. Designed by Champalimaud (if you haven't checked out their website, you need asap) who applied the following philosophy:

"Champalimaud’s approach to designing TRH’s interior was simple: living and sleeping spaces should be exact and polished, whilst comfortable and rooted in history. Champalimaud seamlessly transitions from old to new within the property, designing an additional twelve new contemporary guest cottage rooms and three sleek modern studio rooms to the preexisting seven housed in the historic Greek revival mansion."

Sounds amazing, right? I agree...

The white with black classy it kills me

I love the modern twists, like this glass hallway that connecting the original house to the new extension..

Tell me you're not drooling over that lantern. Sheer perfection..

The guest suites....

The detailing on that

And the restaurant...
Clearly I need those chairs in my life. And a giant electric blue bar. Clearly.


  1. What a fabulous place! Love the mix of traditional and modern. That glass wall is amazing! So cool.