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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Continuing with the theme of Hamptons Week I would like to introduce you to
MONC XIII, a store that I literally stubled in to escape the blustering "summer" winds and, my word, were we lucky...

Opened by Natasha Esch and her husband MONC XIII seeks to showcase  "elegant, personally curated, antique and vintage furniture and accents for the inspire our customers with a beautiful environment and most importantly unique, spectacular, hand-picked selections from 18th Century to Mid Century."

And let me tell you, it's totally fabulous...check out these images from their site:

Those round backed chairs?? ARGG!! 

Why do I not own this? Oh, because I can't afford it...but still...why don't I own it?? 

 Aide from the fabulousness of those towels in wire baskets, can we discuss those subway tiles and grout combo??!

 Leather beer cooler? Clearly.

 These Cleo Baldwin chairs are just the coolest. They're like that cool kid that you always wanted to be in high school (slash still do...)

a chartruse leather chesterfield!!

Clearly I'm obsessed, I hope you enjoyed a peek into MONC XIII as much as I did. Check out their site for eons more fabulousness! 


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