Wedding Wednesday

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Right after getting engaged I began brainstorming what type of wedding vibe fit us...

Would it be a rustic affair?

Or a formal fete?

 a clean modern wedding?

Or perhaps something rustic with an dose of glamour?

They are all so beautiful and stunning in their own way that it was impossible to think I would have to pick just one (and the fiancĂ© wasn't down for the idea of a Heidi Klum/Seal style yearly wedding). So I began saving images that really spoke to me. It was incredibly helpful to identify reoccurring themes and narrow down my focus. 

I prepped this little inspiration board of my top images prior to viewing any venue options.  

A little 20's glamour, strong classic architecture a blowout party with a dash of romance...

After a long weekend of looking at the most stunning venues, being able to return to my inspiration board really helped me to re-center myself and rule out a number of venues that were gorgeous, but ultimately didn't fit with my inspirations.

We ended up selecting the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida. I knew it was "the one" the second I walked in but being able to return to my little document was wonderful to affirm my choice.

I like to think I did pretty well...

The Henry Morrison Flagler Museum


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