Black is Back

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not too long ago, as we were searching for our first sofa I became obsessed with a totally glamorous black leather chesterfield. I could see my friends perched on my sofa as I whipped up deliciously intricate cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and conversed on the latest poetry readings we'd attended. This couch was going to be my catalyst...from dorm room futon to sheer sophistication.

Enter: My [future] Mother In Law. I made the perilous mistake of sharing my sofa plans with her and she politely informed me that the early 90's called...and they wanted their hideous sofa back.

Naturally, I was a totally weenie and instead of sticking up for my hopes and dreams I went with the safe (read: lame) choice and now our sofa exists somewhere between being sat on by my straight-from-the-gym-gross-sweaty fiance and getting pasta spilled on by yours truly. No fancy cocktails. No poetry readings. Obviously this is the couch's fault.

To be honest, I can't totally blame my MIL. Having been a decorator through the early 90's, I'm sure she saw her fair share of these:

And would rather die than see her son living in such squalor.

But, she was wrong. Black is back baby. And here is my ode to the black leather chesterfield. 
Someday....sooooomeday you will be mine! 

Alexander Wang's Home


Alexander Wang's Office

ok...this might be brown...but it'd totally be cooler in black.

Kelly Wearstler's home



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