Friday Fantasy

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sorry for the unscheduled absence folks, I somehow managed to get attacked my the most violent head pains I have ever experienced in my life. Quite scary (and scarier that the doctor doesn't seem to know why they happened). But I'm feeling much better and ready to tackle some pretty pictures.

Since it's gross and rainy here in NYC I figured taking a look at a beautiful sunshine filled home overlooking the Sea of Cortez in San José del Cabo, Mexico. Designed by Marshall Watson Interiors, the villa is truly a dream home.

I'm always a sucker for a good alfresco living room and this one happens to have a wonderful balance between the formality of an indoor living space and the casual atmosphere of being outside. I mean with weather and a view like this, who would want to entertain inside??

 Enjoy Folks, and have a wonderful weekend...

Ok, I'm not so sure that this makes the most comfortable dining area (my tush generally prefers a little cushion...) but wood in combination with blue seas and Tuscan stone columns does make quite a beautiful pairing.

 How chic is that hood? I would have expected something more rustic but I'm really loving it..

 Le sigh, that Oly chandelier always makes me swoon


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